Can celebs have the privacy Jodie Foster calls for?

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Can celebs have the privacy Jodie Foster calls for?

(CNN) — It might seem a morsel weird that player Jodie Foster chose an event watched by millions to get on to the justification for the need for privacy. Well, this is Hollywood, after all. The celebrated player took the occasion of receiving the Cecil B. DeMille

I honor Jodie's worldwide television speech and the underlying recognition of the costs of stepping out of the protective shell of privacy about loving someone of the same sex.

Whatever you thought of last night, you'd have to agree that it was another indication of how it's becoming harder and harder for anyone in public life to have any real credibility and still be living in the closet.

Jodie Foster Stops Lying. Full transcript here. Her date last night, believe it or not, was wife-abusing, homophobic anti-Semite, Mel Gibson. Would you entrust your young sons to a man with Gibson's violent and vile description?

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