Can celebs have the privacy Jodie Foster calls for?

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Can celebs have the privacy Jodie Foster calls for?

"Maybe it won't be as sparkly, maybe it won't open on 3,000 screens, maybe it will be so silent and delicate that release dogs can hear it whistle," Foster said, "But it will be my writing on the wall. 'Jodie Foster was here.' I still am. And I want to be

Yes, she has a right to come out as she desires, but she also has it in her to be larger than that, to say what she knows about loneliness and hurt to benefit kids who don't have the like of friends and family, and she

Jodie Foster finished years of rampant media speculation when she casually came out of the closet while accepting her Cecil B. Demille pronouncement at the Golden Globes Sunday night. After being introduced by Robert Downey Jr.,

Jodie Foster, near as I can tell, was never homophobic. But she could have been a role model, they say. They, who are not Jodie Foster. Of way, so could have a million other people. Some of them came out, others still

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