Exclusive Clip: Helen Hunt's daring return in 'The Sessions' garners Oscar buzz

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Helen Hunt Falls, looking a small sad :^(. Last month I got to play tour guide for my friends Susana and Vladimir and their daughter, visiting from out of state. Among other things, we went to Helen Hunt Falls to pocket pleasure in the scenery.

Why does Helen Hunt, who plays Mark's hired sex surrogate, get so much extra naked than you? I reckon that it might have been harder to obtain an R-rating. That's the double standard: Breasts okay, penis terrible. In some traditions, this deals with the same issues

About eight miles away in North Cheyenne Canyon is Helen Hunt Falls. Named after author Helen Hunt Jackson, an activist back in the 1880s, writing about the plight of the Native American. She met her second husband

Helen Hunt makes perhaps her boldest go on the huge cover yet, playing a sex therapist — a hands on sex therapist called a surrogate. Hunt hasn't starred in a film that has received such critical acclaim since her 1997 Oscar-winning routine in

By Sean O'Connell Hollywoodnews.com: Ben Lewin's “The Sessions' has been high on our list as we prepare for this time's Toronto International Film.



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